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The Importance of Exploring Your Sexuality

Many people these days are having problems with their sexuality, especially those who are in a relationship. Sometimes sexual problems may lead to future complications with the person you love. There are those who suddenly felt that their love chemicals or sexual chemicals fade off because they seem not happy anymore with his or her partner. Sometimes it does happen in most relationships and others might seem a bit more complicated. Here are some helpful tips that you might want to try when exploring your sexuality within your relationship based on a recent sex survey online:


  1. Stop the taking drugs – The chemicals from prohibited drugs might be working on your system and sometimes affects the intimacy with your partner. For some reason the chemicals in drugs affects sexual behaviours in a negative way. So If you are taking dangerous drugs you might start leaving such unhealthy lifestyle. Dangerous drugs are prohibited because they do you no good. You cannot fool yourself if you are still thinking that getting high is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Because if it does, then your relationship with the person you love must be an illusion or just secondary.
  2. Pay attention to yourself – You might want to check your own desires in life. A famous philosopher, Socrates, once said that the unexamined life is both worth living. Hence, you might try to dig in what your inner psyche is telling you. Sometimes it is difficult to know what you want if you are not interested about knowing your desires. You could ask for somebody like a psychiatrist to help you out or you can just simply examine yourself. Try to ask yourself, what are the things that make you happy? What are the things you know will make you trust your partner? What are the things that you do not like doing with your partner? You might come up with silly answers but if it is the truth then it is worth knowing. By the next you want to try something out with your partner, at least you know how to handle yourself so you could also handle your partner.
  3. Merging horizons – Find time to have a good conversation with your partner. During your conversation, as much as possible avoid being too frank. You can ask straightforward questions, but make sure they are not too awkward or offensive. Little by little, inject signals that you want to talk about naughty stuff like your sexual desires. Eventually, ask your partner about her or his side. As much as possible, do not speed things up. Ask about your partner’s present sexual desires and other naughty stuff. Later on, you will realize things that you should have done before. This type of conversation helps you merge horizons with the person you love and get essential information about your preferences.


Most of time our sexual problems come up when our thoughts preoccupies our mind. Stress from work and anxieties might take a toll in our sexual life. Hence, try to do some self-examination and explore more about your sexuality.

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