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Joe Wehinger Gives Small Businesses SEO Tips



Social media has changed the way people find and share stories, products, photos and businesses they love and hate. But for all its glory, when people want to find something as quickly as possible they go to one place: the search engines. For everyone here that hasn’t had any exposure to internet marketing or how it works, a search engine is what delivers the results you search for using an algorithm. You may know the biggest one, Google, but there’s also Microsoft’s Bing, Duck Duck Go and others less known. What’s been proven after almost over a decade in business is that being on page 1 of any of these search engines give you an unprecedented advantages, that continues to grow the higher you rise to the top. Joe Wehinger of Daily Ovation, now United Digital Associates, works with small and medium businesses like the ones that come here and has the following tips and advice to get you to improve your SEO.

Joe Wehinger’s Top SEO Tips

  1. Plan Your SEO Strategy Backwards

Most business have everything planned out before they even consider SEO, and focus on their branding as a way to get found for their products. Instead, Joe says that your strategy should include SEO from the beginning. Find and study the most popular keywords in your niche and structure your website’s titles, products and content around those keywords and synonyms to capture as much as the search as possible.

     2. Don’t Forget The Small Details

When it comes to SEO, the small technical details matter. Things like duplicate content, robot files, metadata, alt text and so on are important details that are taken into account for your rank. Spiders, which are the nicknames for the algorithms that crawl your site, don’t have eyes – they can’t see how nice and relevant your website looks when considering rank so they rely solely on these indicators. It is important that you understand this, or hire people that know it better than you.

   3. Quality over Quantity for Links

Link building is still considered to a great extent when Google determines what it’s going to put on its first page. But the algorithm today has become sophisticated enough to wipe out websites that have tons of spammy links trying to game the system. Today, real quality links are what matters and are critical to your ranking success. Build relationships in your industry and cultivate them indefinitely in order to increase your link profile and expand the exposure your business will achieve.

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