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How To Become A Video Producer


About every individual varies according to different hobbies, interests, talents, or skills. People often follow what their hearts prefer – take courses base on what they love to do mostly or what they do best. Even if they didn’t pursue their interest as a career, some just cannot put their passions aside, instead, they just grab everything related to their pursuit and work with it. Specifically, the same actions or feelings are being felt by those videographers and photographers in their field of leisure activity.

Set an Inspiration

The beginning of a work is always the hardest. Usually, creators always have the hardest time in making the video when it comes to thinking of how to start it and what to film. Inspirations in the first stage is really needed to at least give you an idea on what to film – other details will just then come about once you’ve thought the center of your story. These muses could be of great help for people looking for a story or something to shoot. Other video producers in fact find inspiration on the random things that they shoot – like seizing an amazing moment.

Think of a Story According to the Inspiration

So to actually begin the video production, start creating a story that revolves around the inspiration you established. Imagine the whole story line from how it began until how it ended. Also in this stage, it is makes things easier if you write down all the ideas that you have come up with. It is always recommended to put everything on paper or platforms that let you review and edit what you have written down. Details in this stage should be already established – like, dialogues or genres.

Make a list of what you need

Once you have established a story with specific details, you can then start preparing for everything that you would need – starting from, the camera, props, and scenario settings. For the camera, all the accessories involved – tripod, lens, solid state cards, batteries, etc. – should all be prepared. Props regarding the story should also be written down to avoid overlooking. It is also good to write down even the settings of the story, to prepare it before the actual shoot.

Create the Story line

Start jotting down the flow of the story, the details or descriptions on how to film it, and shoot ideas. It is suggested to write those details in an index card, for easy review. Establish the scenes according to how it is convenient for shooting. For example, if you are going to shoot a story based presentation, shoot everything that is done on one setting before going to another location.

Start Editing

Of course, once everything is filmed, start editing it using editors that can handle various editing effects. These raw videos should all be combined and edited base on how the story goes. Great editing skills and knowledge is required in this stage if you want to create an output that is acceptable by other producers.

Find Your Market

A lot of people getting into production forget this last point. It is not enough to have a passion for making videos if you cannot make a living out of them. Look at your market and see whats available, if you want to produce for companies, look at the different verticals available – there’s commercial production, corporate promos etc. Study your competition too – New Kingdom Productions in San Francisco is big, so you may want to choose other markets. Luckily, today there are tons of site that let your work reach across the country.

Video production is a job that requires sufficient knowledge towards the activity. It is a career which is difficult to get access to, for getting a job in video production is something that is not impossible but not easy as well. However, video production is not only a career a person choose, it is also hobby for it offers beauty, as it exhibits a form of art.

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